touching people, changing lives

What We Do

Cleansing Stream offers a seminar in discipleship and two different freedom days

A Journey of Discovery

The Cleansing Stream Seminar is an 8-12 week series of classes which prepare and disciple participants to receive healing and deliverance. The classes culminate in a one day Retreat in numerous locations around the country.

Call 2 Freedom

The topics were relevant in my own life. … I was able to experience lots of breakthrough in these areas I’ve struggled with for years.

Freedom Day

Call 2 Freedom is about helping you to get further freedom for your journey and to make more progress along the good path God has planned for you.

Promotional Material

We have different options to help you promote our seminar and freedom days


Equipping - Restoring - Sustaining
Touching People and Changing Lives

Cleansing Stream Ministries has its beginnings in Jack Hayford’s “Church on the Way”. It was developed there in the early 1990s. Since then tens of thousands of people, in a number of nations, have completed the Course and are experiencing a greater freedom and peace in their Christian journey. The first Cleansing Stream Ministries Course was run in New Zealand in 1999. This course was open to Pastors and senior leaders only. The Course had such a significant impact on those attending that many took the Course back to their respective churches and we’ve never looked back.

We have held freedom days from Whangarei to Lower Hutt, Tauranga to New Plymouth, Nelson to Dunedin, Blenheim to Wanaka and we have seen many breakthroughs and lives changed as the Holy Spirit has brought new freedom to His people.


Freeing Thoughts

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