If your church has gone through The Cleansing Stream Seminar and Retreat you will want to consider this Training! It is a tremendous tool for developing lay leaders and cleansing the Body of Christ.

When people experience personal healing and deliverance, many desire to learn how to help others do the same. If you have gone through The Cleansing Stream Seminar and Retreat you have experienced it firsthand! The gospel message Jesus taught and lived includes deliverance and healing for our whole being: spirit, soul, and body.

The Cleansing Stream Discipleship Training, prepares those who participate to minister deliverance. The Training disciples those to minister on a team to others in the local Church and one-on-one to the larger Body of Christ at Cleansing Stream Retreats. This Training has a substantial commitment and is for these prayerfully chosen by Pastoral Leadership, who have received healing and deliverance themselves through The Cleansing Stream Seminar and Retreat.

The training effectively combines discipleship, ministry and accountability to provide strong Biblical foundations from which to move into ministry.

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Session Teachings

Our prayer is that each Discipleship participant will greatly benefit from the practical truths presented and become a more effective disciple of Jesus Christ.

Session One: Jesus Christ the Deliverer, Keeping Him First

By: Pastor Scott Bauer

As you enter into The Cleansing Stream Discipleship Basic Training it is important to understand Who Jesus is and who we are. This teaching establishes our focus on Jesus and the power of His cross from which all ministry flows.

Session Two: Team Prayer in the Local Church

By: Pastor Debbie Sayovitz

Our desire is for a team in the local body to minister deliverance, through the Holy Spirit, to each other and to those within their congregation. Our prayer is that this Training Session will provide an effective model for ministering as a team and will enable you to implement this valuable aspect of Cleansing Stream Discipleship Basic Training.

Session Three: The Lifestyle of Holiness

By: Dr. Jack Hayford

Our pursuit of a holy God must be as a holy people. In this teaching, as in Ezekiel 44:23, we are challenged to know the difference between the holy and the unholy and to discern between the unclean and the clean.

Session Four: The Heart of a Servant

By: Pastor Chris Hayward

It has been our observation that if the heart of the minister is not right, ministry goes wrong. Let’s follow Jesus’ example and minister with a servant’s heart.

Session Five: The Blood of Jesus

By: Dr. Jack Hayford

In this teaching, we begin to learn about the weapons of our warfare, one of which is The Blood of Jesus. The Lord wants His Church to have a full understanding of the blood of Jesus and how we can “overcome” by the blood and our “testimony” (Revelation 12:11).

Session Six: The Name of Jesus

By: Pastor Jim Tolle

Our Lord Jesus is known by many names: The Word of God, Anointed One, Lamb of God, Savior, Redeemer, Deliverer, Shepherd, Counselor and many more. According to Philippians 2:9-10 God has exalted Jesus and has given Him THE NAME above every other name. When we use the name of Jesus as a weapon of warfare, it allows the entrance of Who He is and what He has done.

Session Seven: The Sword of the Spirit

By: Reverend Dick Mills

To minister in deliverance, we must know the Word of God and how to use it as a weapon to discern between soul and spirit and to understand the thoughts and intents of the heart (Hebrews 4:12). We can also use it to instruct, correct and thoroughly equip ourselves and those to whom we minister.

Session Eight: Praying in the Spirit

By: Reverend Jean Darnall

We have an ever-expanding relationship with the Holy Spirit, which begins at salvation. It is further evidenced as we are baptized in water, filled with the Spirit and exercise the gifts of the Spirit. As we submit to the Lord and partner with the Holy Spirit through prayer, mighty resources for our Christian walk and ministry are made available.

Session Nine: The Call to Intercede

By: Reverend Lila Terhune

All believers are called to intercede. This is developed through intimacy with God, where His heart becomes ours. As we follow His heart, then His will is accomplished in our lives as we minister.

Session Ten: Warfare Intercession

By: Author Joy Dawson

As we move into warfare, we must be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of our enemy. But more importantly, we must be confident in the power and might of our Commander. With the Lord as our Commander, we are assured of victory as we prepare for and enter into warfare!

Session Eleven: On the Line

By: Pastor Tim Beck

Previously, you went through The Cleansing Stream Seminar and attended a Retreat receiving ministry that brought personal freedom and healing. This time when you attend the Retreat, it will be to serve. In fact, The Cleansing Stream Discipleship Basic Training will provide several opportunities to minister at Retreats.

The first time you serve will be as an Intercessor. Then once you have served in that capacity, the next Retreat you are invited to serve as an Anointer. Ministering on the line has always been an integral part of the Discipleship Training. All those ministering as Anointers are required to view the On the Line Session Training prior to the first time serving as an Anointer, then after that yearly.

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