Call 2 Freedom

The topics were relevant in my own life. … I was able to experience lots of breakthrough in these areas I’ve struggled with for years.

I experiened release from generational bondages, hope for the future, a new freedom in worship and a new understanding and appreciation of life in Christ Jesus.

Absolutely love it. So freeing.

These comments are from participants at Call 2 Freedom in Tauranga in March.

call-2-freedom-dec-12Call 2 Freedom focuses on choices we make.

Choices of how we see ourselves, who we identify with, who is in control.

We cover different topics than at our Cleansing Stream Freedom Days, but the focus is the same – to get us free and closer in our relationship with God.

Call 2 Freedom is about helping you to get further freedom for your journey and to make more progress along the good path God has planned for you.

There is no course work or homework involved, just your participation in Call 2 Freedom!

There are no Call 2 Freedom days currently scheduled. We will update this page when the next one is planned.