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partners to bring freedom for your people!

Do you want to:
1. Significantly reduce pastoral counselling?
2. Develop “low maintenance” leaders who become better focused to support and fulfil your church vision and mission?

3. Disciple many people without consuming significant amounts of your time?
We can partner with you to help you do this - something we have been doing with churches in New Zealand for 14 years.

We work in partnership with local churches. Churches from all over New Zealand, from a diverse range of denominations, are running the Cleansing Stream Course. If you're a church leader interested in running the course in your church please
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What's Your Image of God?

In Jesus Sermon on the Mount He says if we are humble in spirit we are blessed = happy, to be envied and spiritually prosperous [that is with life-joy and satisfaction in God’s favour and salvation, regardless of our outside conditions], and if that is not enough, we will also receive the kingdom of heaven. Thankyou for your promises Jesus!

The reality is that sometimes our outside conditions are a mess and it seems like chaos is all around us. When this happens the temptation we can have is to try and fix things ourselves. But there are things we can’t fix. That is when we need to hear what God says to us. "Trust me. Have a big enough picture of me in your heart that you can trust me to take care of this.

In his book Passion for Jesus Mike Bickle makes this comment – “Regardless of how we see Him, what you and I think about God is the most important thing about us. We will eventually be shaped by the image of God we carry in our minds.”

So I guess the key question is – what is the image of God I project on the screen of my mind? That leads to a follow-up question – is this a true picture? In truth is our freedom. Anything less than that holds us captive.

At Cleansing Stream we seek to help people gain a fresh revelation of the Father’s love for them, to replace any false images they have previously held of Him.

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