Partner Churches

“The ministry of Cleansing Stream has played a very significant role in the lives of many people in our Church. Testimonies include a complete turn around through to being set free and transformed as a result of a commitment to the disciplines and teachings covered on the course. I recommend Cleansing Streams as a resource to assist believers to stay free in Christ.”
Paul de Jong, Senior Pastor LIFE

“Cleansing Stream is part of our Ministry Training College course. The students consistently say it is one of the highlights of the year. We recommend Cleansing Stream to all our church members and after each course we always hear stories of the amazing work the Holy Spirit did to set them free from the past.”
Luke Brough, Senior Minister Elim Christian Centre

Ps Tak Bhana “Many people have benefited from this seminar. Lives have been radically changed. A marriage was transformed. I would recommend the course to anyone or any church. It is a great seminar with excellent teaching and material.”
Tak Bhana, Senior Pastor ChurchUnlimited

Ps Esera Faith City church Wanganui has been involved with the Cleansing Stream Ministry since its inception in New Zealand in 1999. The Cleansing Stream Ministry has helped developed some of our leaders to minister with confidence in areas of rejection, abuse in any form and in the areas of deliverance from bondages and demonic oppression. I commend the Cleansing Stream Ministry to any Pastor and or Church looking to develop their people to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit, with understanding and sensitivity into the lives of people, and the problems they face in today’s society.
Iliafi Esera, Senior Minister Faith City Church

“I was totally surprised by God when I received a miracle of healing. The last session that still had to be addressed was the area of Freemasonry. I knew there were generations of involvement in Freemasonry on both sides of my family line. When I went for prayer I explained to the couple praying for me, my family history, and that I felt strongly the asthma, which I had, was a result of a curse in this area. I received prayer and was totally amazed and blown away when I was physically delivered of this thing that hissed out of my mouth and lungs!!!”
“I have not used my Ventolin inhaler since that time or taken the daily preventative. I am so grateful to God for His powerful touch and to wake each morning to be able to breathe freely is a wonderful gift.”
Senior Pastor, Church in New Plymouth

“In 45 years as a counsellor I have never come across anything as good as the Cleansing Stream programme to help people grow and give them freedom in their Christian walk.”
Don Fraser, Pastor Richmond Community Church

“As a local Church Senior Pastor I would be very happy to endorse the ministry of Cleansing Stream. When this ministry was first introduced to New Zealand in the Late 90’s I went along with a real sense of apprehension as to what was being presented. The course at that time was presented under a very condensed timetable. However I was both challenged and blessed by the event. Since then we have continued to operate the program in our local church and can certainly testify to it’s effectiveness in the lives of people. It is a well balance program and would be a very useful tool to be included into a churches regular schedule. The local church is certainly honoured and respected.”
Yours in the Masters service
Pastor Alex J Larsen – Senior Pastor, Manurewa Assembly of God.

Course Participants

Some awesome breakthrough
I attended my 2nd Cleansing Stream retreat today and when I said yes to doing it again I was thinking it won’t be as hard as my first one, that would be some challenges as I went to a deeper level to my freedom and healing. As things built up towards the retreat I soon started to think that God was going to do something big at the retreat as for the last couple of weeks I have really felt like I have been battling. So the morning of retreat came and I was keen to see what God had in store. As the day wore on it was clear to see that God had some great work in store for me. Some areas that I had thought that I had already dealt with got another level, but for me the biggest breakthrough was the one thing that offered a challenge throughout the whole day, and in the end I managed to do it and forgive the person that abused me when I was a child, with doing this I know that I can now get true freedom. I came away from today with a warm feeling in my heart, that I am a princess of the king of kings, and He has placed a crown ion my head because He loves me, I am worthy of the love He has for me, and I am not trash. Am excited to see where this freedom and breakthrough leads me in my journey.
Tania, July 2015

An amazing feeling ….
I attended the Cleansing Stream retreat on Saturday 06/06/2015 with my 2 sisters-in-law and i didn’t know what to expect. At first I was excited and I couldn’t wait to get started, then I became nervous when we started singing Praise and Worship and it was the moment of the first prayer call up of Condemnation, while standing in line I started to become real nervous and shaky and while I was being prayed over I literally felt something leave me, I felt like that burden was literally being lifted off my shoulders, it was an amazing feeling and I couldn’t explain it to my partner and others. It was also awesome to have the intercessors – for the whole day – pray over us – everyone involved that day was fantastic and made the experience worth more. It was also a surprise to see so many people of different ages and nationalities share the same experience. I have enjoyed this journey so much, from the start to the end and I would attend the retreat again in future. God was present for sure that day and I witnessed a lot in myself and others being freed. Our God is an Awesome God! I am grateful to God for what He has revealed and removed in my life so far and I would do it all over again! God Bless.
Cecilia, June 2015

The most amazing thing …
Today was the first time I’ve been to one of these and had heard positive things about it. I was expecting some wonderful things, but I wasn’t expecting my soul to be exposed and to see that you truly don’t know what is hidden until you ask the Lord to reveal it to you.
I walked into church today with my neck and spine out of line, and an ache across my shoulders. As time got on and after doing prayer to be released from guilt, shame,condemnation and so on, then going to be anointed, the pains became less and less. My spine and neck began to straighten. Then the most amazing thing happened. The only thing I can liken it to is when you see mist amongst the the grass, and as it begins to rise. If you could imagine what that would feel like, that is exactly how it happened for me when the lies I believed and the burdens were finally lifted from me and I was truly set free. The Father knew what I needed and opened the door and gave me a choice, life or death. I chose a life with the Lord. And thanks to the wonderful healing and encouragement from the wonderful people who help with Cleansing Stream, the truth has been revealed and now there is a peace in my soul. I highly recommend this to everyone. You may think you have it all together, until all these wonderful people pray as one for your benefit. God bless to all those who help those who are in need of healing. And Praise be to the Lord for knowing what I needed when even I didn’t.
Joanne, November 2014

You are a spear of light
piercing through all darkness
my heart exposed by your truth
powerful love eternal
magnificent is the glory of your grace.
My friend, my father, my GOD
Glenn, June 2014
I went to the retreat with HUGE expectations of physical healing but God knows best, as it was my soul and spirit that needed healing first. For most of the topics I just recited the prayers with little emotional reaction, but I can testify that I am different, I have more peace, more acceptance, more contentment. I loved the safe atmosphere created by the team, and thank you to everyone who was involved in the retreat.
Rowan, May 2014

I have never been able to understand why I could not focus, could not find my place in life, could not decide what I wanted to do and could not find a place of work that satisfied my gifts and abilities. As the Anointer prayed for me, she called for the fragmented parts of my soul to come back to me -from the north, from the south, from the east and from the west! It was amazing as I truly had the sense of my soul being returned to my body in wholeness. I had had no knowledge that my soul was fragmented except for the symptoms I listed which were obviously the outcome of this condition. I am so grateful to my Father for what he revealed and did for me! It is amazing. I am now looking forward to the outworking of these changes in my life! Thank you Father!
Alison June 2013

He brings it home from the junk store, The old wooden chair he sets in the middle of the floor. He sees the potential hidden there. He sees restoration, renewal for the old wooden chair. Cheap paint, colour upon colour, layer upon layer peeling, scratches, flaws, marks, and gouges revealing. The Craftsman who sees a vision of how the chair can be scrapes and peels, layers falling like dead leaves from a tree. Gone! are hurt and pain from a long ago time. Gone! are oaths, vows and curses from a generational line. Gone! Chiselled away, fallen dead on the floor. Gone! Dealt with, no holding on to lies any more. I am that chair He works away at with His loving hands. I am His potential, His restoration, His plan…
Sue, May 2013

I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND the Cleansing Stream Ministry to our people of Aotearoa, Hapuu me te Iwi Maori, and all nations. For a better future, please further research, and / or, through those whom have participated in the Cleansing Stream Ministry and enjoy their sharing & testimonies. Oh how I sooooo recommend to every Hapuu, Iwi, Marae, Whakapapa, Nga Kohanga Reo, Nga Kura Maori & Every Maori Organisations etc… you will be amazed at the MIGHTY DEVELOPMENTS, GROWTH & FREEDOM; within us as a people of our nation (TANGATA WHENUA). E kii ana te kooreo, “E kore au e ngaro, he kakano, mai rangiaatea, o ooku tiipuna, he kakano ahau. I am a seed that will never be lost, for I descend from a great line of chiefs. For I am that seed.” As Tangata Whenua (Local Descendant) MY DESIRE for our Son, his whakapapa etc… is FREEDOM from captivity (Natural & Spiritual). Cleansing Stream! ! I am here to stay… TANGATA WHENUA e au 🙂 🙂 🙂 We have work to do… I’ve had a taste of Panel Beating, but I’m not finished with yet lol… Ma te Atua kautau hei manaaki, iroo te ingoa tapu ma Ihu Karaiti (May God Bless you all, in Jesus Name)… Amine… HUI E! TA-I-KI E! Waahine Maori o Te Karaiti.
Gabrielle May 2012